We offer a wide array of networking services for your home and office. All of which provide you with optimal performance that fits your budget.

  • Ethernet Wiring
  • VDSL Products and Setup
  • Router, Switch & WAP Installation + Sales & Setup
  • Installation and Setup of Microsoft Server Programs
  • Backup Solutions
  • Corporate Antivirus
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Internet Access
  • Network and Data Security
  • Windows Installs
  • DNS, DHCP and Active Directory
  • Web Server Installation (Apache or IIS)
  • Terminal Services

Home Clients

All of our installations allow you to connect multiple computers simultaneously over a high speed internet connection. Enabling all your family or co-workers to enjoy fast internet access.

We can also connect any other devices you may have, such as a PDA, Scanner, Printer, Surveillance Cameras; anything that connects via wireless or wired output.

We offer a simple and clear package, which includes:

  • Router Installation and Setup
  • Internet Connection Sharing
  • 2 Computers Configured and tested for Networking
  • Wireless Security
  • Option of both wired or wireless.

(Parts not included)

All of this for only $149
(See our Price Listings for our current specials and coupons)

If you are a first time client please visit our coupons section.

If you don't have the necessary equipment or aren't sure of what to get, don't worry, your assigned network consultant will give you a quote over the phone. If you are a home client, prices range from $50-70 for the router and $40-$60 for each additional computer desktop or laptop. Feel free to purchase your own equipment, we're experienced with almost every major brand there is out there.

Home Office Clients

If you have a small business that only requires the computers to be connected to the internet, you can get the same pricing scheme as the Home Clients.

For Businesses that require either a server, software development, website, wiring, extra security or maintenance, please see our office solutions page as this will have to be a customized solution.



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