We specialize in Small to Medium Sized Businesses and Home Office users that cannot afford to have full time IT personnel. We address that need by providing monthly maintenance packages to ensure your network and computers are operating at their best.

Our goal is to work with you as a partner and help your business grow in every aspect. Which is why we only employ staff that is experienced in working with large multiple user corporations.

For those clients who already had their network setup we can do a complete survey and identify the problems that are currently present. After this we can take over by enhancing your network with our efficient and well documented policies.

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Here's what we offer:

  • Network Installation and Setup
    [After doing a survey we determine what network components suit your company the best, then do all the necessary wiring or setup your wireless network. We also set up the permissions and security to keep the system running at its best]
  • File and Printer Server Setup and Maitenance
    [Saving files locally and having a printer on one computer without being shared is a thing of the past. We set up a complete server that handles all the requests of your employee's this way guaranteeing data integrity. We also run periodical data backups in case of any unwanted hardware malfunctions.
  • Computer system integrity maintenance
    [We ensure that all the computers running on your network are running the latest protection software and that all software installs are made properly. By having uniform profiles on the system we can achieve shorter downtimes]
  • Custom Programming for your Business
    [We can automate repetitive tasks that take hours of your business precious productivity time using multiple programming languages]
  • Ethernet Wiring
  • VDSL Products and Setup
  • Router, Switch & WAP Installation + Sales & Setup
  • Installation and Setup of Microsoft Server Programs
  • Backup Solutions
  • Corporate Antivirus
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Internet Access
  • Network and Data Security
  • Windows Installs
  • DNS, DHCP and Active Directory
  • Web Server Installation (Apache or IIS)
  • Terminal Services


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