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If you need to monitor your business or home, your cash register or children, we've got access to different technologies for digital remote video surveillance.

We can install both wireless and wired cameras, according to your building structure or budget.

We don't use any particular brands, so on our initial consultation we can find the best product that fits your need; this is an advantage for you as a client as unlike other companies, we won't sell you outdated stocked product.

Here is what we offer:

- Full Setup from Scratch. We find the equipment, we install it, we support it.
- Remote video surveillance over the internet on top of your existing video surveillance solution. We just add the internet viewing portion.
- Solutions and support on your existing surveillance systems.

Here is how it works:

(In this example we will use a small business owner who wants to feel free to leave his store feeling safe and being able to control it from virtually any place where there is internet access. All he needs is one camera to control the cash register and another one to see how many clients there are in the store at a given time. We also would like to record the cash register to maintain control.)

Step 1 - Initial Consultation
Let us know what you need and what you currently have. (We explained this above). We will do some research for the equipment that best fits your needs and call you back with a quote.

Step 2 - Setup and Installation
We'll arrive on site, install the cameras on your existing high speed internet network and configure your router for remote access. In this case we will also configure the cash register camera for local recording. (we also offer off-site recording)

Step 3 - Training and Documentation
We will show you how to access your cameras remotely, give you a breakdown of the devices installed, a general overview of the functionality of the system and present you with all the documentation needed for future use.

We don't have fixed price plans for Surveillance Systems as the market is growing, new products are being developed. Price also fluctuates depending on the type of building and location of your cameras.

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