Yes, we can build you a webpage as great as ours! ...even better!

Here's what we offer:

  • Custom Webpages for your business or personal use
  • Database (PHP/Mysql) websites for active content
  • Webhosting
  • Business and Personal email solutions
  • Powerful tools: Shopping Cart, Photo Album, Colaborated Calendars and More.
  • Streaming video: If you have an existing video we can also convert it for webplay
  • Webpage re-design, this is specially made for those people who aren't happy with either their current webpage or their web designer. We can take control of the webpage and give your site a better look.
  • Portal Pages
  • Scripting
  • Flash Animation
  • Google Advertising

How it works:
Step 1 - Initial Consultation
Call us, let us know what you want and what you currently have. We can give you an estimated price over the phone or set up a meeting to talk it over.

Step 2 - Gathering content
To ensure a smooth process we advise to have a strong foundation. We recommend that you browse the internet and find a webpage that you like, show us what you are looking for. This means we would like to see what type of colors you like, webpage layout (ie: left menu or top menu), etc. Then try to gather as much information from your business that you would like others to see, such as a welcome message (for the front page), a list of products and services that you offer and a description of what you have to offer. Once we have the structure laid out, then we can focus on actually building your site, this makes the process a lot quicker and cheaper.

Step 3 - Meeting to define website layout, design and content
Once you have all the information, we meet to exchange ideas and give you advise of how the content can be presented to your targetted audience on the web. We take all the content, organize the data, gather photos for our next step...

Step 4 - Web Page design
Our programmers and graphic artists will receive the information and create the webpage for you. This step may take some time depending on the data that has been provided and time required to build the page. Usually a custom built webpage can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks.
If your webpage or request is simple, such as a power tool we can take a day or two.

Step 5 - Maintenance
Many of our clients have webpages that require updates from time to time. For example a limo service (such as our designed www.mytowncar.com) may require constant updates as gas prices go up or down. Our solution is to create an admin page where you can update the content live, in a very simple customized interface.

If you don't require a customized tool, but need to do an update from time to time, then we can take care of them for you. Instead of having a fixed monthly maintenance plan for updates we charge you on a per change case basis, depending on what you want changed we can give you a new quote. Please allow some time for changes, due to the high ammount of requests.

Step 6 - Follow up
We also ensure that your domain is paid for on time and that your hosting is up and running. Server backups are present where we can redirect traffic in case our main servers go down. Our goal with webhosting is to make the experience as pleseant as possible, to eliminate all the confusion of terminology and to be like a partner for you in your business.

All Web Design solutions start off at $300, 50% of the payment is required up front to cover the initial programming fee's.

Need Static Hosting?
If you have a static website and don't require databases, then we can also create a hosting account for you. Here are our packages:

- Free Domain Name
- 500MB of disk space
- 10GB of Monthly Bandwidth
- 25 Email accounts
- PHP Support
$5 / Month
$50 / Year

Need more Space or bandwidth?
Send us an email at info@adminwireless.com, with your customized requirements and we'll give you a quote in seconds.

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