If you are tired of dangling cables, long ethernet cords or pricey ethernet cabling installs then wireless was made for you.

We can install a wireless network using your existing high speed internet connection from your provider, set up the latest in wireless security and document all our procedures for your future use in less than an hour.

Here is how it works:

Step 1 - Consultation over the phone
Let us know what you need and what you currently have. We will assemble a quote for you immediately, with no hidden fee's.

Step 2 - On-Site Install
We'll come right on time, install the network, setup the wireless security and computers.

Step 3 - Training and Documentation
We won't just leave the network installed like that and leave! We will give you the necessary documentation about our install for your future use. This includes passwords, steps taken for install, network and security keys.

That's all it takes, it's that easy!

Don't forget to ask for the "Extra-Paranoid Security Measure" Package for Wireless. We can lock your wireless network even further with extra features other companies fail to offer or install.

All our wireless installation packages start at $149. If you don't have the parts, don't worry, we'll buy them for you. Equipment starts at $110, which is enough to have wireless set up for one computer. Each additional computer is $40. We don't really make money off selling equipment, so we encourage you to purchase it on your own if you prefer.

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